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Latest News

A Year in Review for Bannisters

It is hard to believe that it has been a year since we arrived in Tanzania.  A year of new adventure, challenges, and blessings.  The farm is starting to give us good results and the future looks good for generating some income for the children’s home.  There are now 24 children in the home, ages […]
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our mission

“He turned the desert into pools of water and the parched ground into flowing springs: there He brought the hungry to live, and they founded a city where they could settle. They sowed fields and planted vineyards that yielded a fruitful harvest; He blessed them and their numbers greatly increased, and He did not let their herds diminish.”

Now, the Lord is moving us on and He has shown us that these verses not only apply to us but to orphans in Tanzania as well. The Lord has called us to work in Tanzania at STEMM Children’s Village to develop a farm to support the home, and make the educational ministry grow and flourish.

What We Will Be Doing

Farming God's Way

Tim will focus on getting the farm up to production – to feed the children as well as generate a sustainable income. The farm will also serve as a training and demonstration center for conservation agricultural methods. The impact on people’s lives when they can see God’s provision in a very practical and essential way is very kingdom enriching.

Medical Ministry

Diane will focus on administration and the books for the first while and then will expand into supporting and enhancing the medical ministries.


Our Mission Partners

We are partnering with two mission agencies.


A group out of Sioux City, USA, has approached us about coming to work alongside them in several of their ministries. The organization is called Sioux City Tanzania Education and Medical Ministries STEMM ( One part of their focus is caring for orphans, and they have built two children’s homes with plans for more in the future. The homes are located on a plot of land that will hopefully soon be a productive farm.

Siouxland Tanzania Educational and Medical Mission ( is based in Sioux City, Iowa. Their compound near Arusha is the focal point of several ministries, including a scholarship program for over 200 secondary school students, a medical outreach, a children’s home, and now, hopefully, a profitable and sustainable farm.

STEMM was founded in 1996 after Dr. Steve Meyer led a group of 10 Siouxland residents on a trip to Tanzania. From that experience, Dr. Meyer and his wife Dana developed a relationship between Siouxland and Tanzania by addressing the priorities of spiritual growth, medical care, and educational opportunities. STEMM is an inter-denominational Christian ministry. It’s a small organization, but already packs a big punch!

Visit STEMM website
Global Outreach Mission

When we accepted the call to work with STEMM in Tanzania we were faced with a challenge. We have to raise financial support again after having said good-bye and thank you to so many people who have faithfully supported us. Since STEMM is a US organization, and most of our friends and supporters are Canadian, we had to find a Canadian organization to let us come under their umbrella in order to raise our support.

The Lord has directed us to Global Outreach Mission  as our sending agent. Global Outreach Mission believes the gospel is relevant to all needs in life and aims to get the Gospel message out by sending people who can build the Kingdom with the tools God has given them.

Global Outreach Mission (GOM) is an evangelistic, Interdenominational mission with ministries and projects on four continents. Global has supported the spread of the gospel since the end of the Second World War, first in Europe and then reaching out to other parts of God’s world.

A goal of GOM is to empower and support God’s people who feel a call to a ministry. GOM has accepted our call to work in Tanzania with STEMM and have taken us under their umbrella so we can raise our support both financial and prayer.

Visit Global Outreach website

Our Needs

We feel the Lord has been preparing us for the next step and hope you can join us with pray and financial support if the Lord so directs. 

Click the donate button below if you wish to support Tim and Diane and their ministry.

A big thank you to the people who have started to donate or pledge monthly support.  There is still oppertunity to become monthly supporters as well as one time donors.

We also have a project where you can send funds to help us buy a vehicle.

Even if you cannot financialy support us then please pray and send us your contact information using the contact form below so that you can receive our newsletter each month.


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Tim sharing devotional with farm workers

Tim standing in the school's farm plot

New pineapple planting